About Nutwork

Nutwork is dedicated to bringing your business on-line. Our Subiaco studio is staffed with professional designers, programmers and marketing guru’s.

There is more to “getting online” than just a swish website. A Website is worthless if it isn’t done right, and more importantly, if people aren’t finding it because it doesnt show on the first page of Google.

The internet is a very loud place - you really need to stand out and be different if you want people to find, and use your website.

Our focus is to create the best website for your business, and then to make sure it gets found by your customers. This includes online marketing and search engine optimisation.

Our team is comprised of experts in all facets of the internet - from Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation and Programming - we have all the skills in house to create a full internet and web package for your business.

Read the “10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Website Now” for the reasons why your business needs to be on-line now. The longer your business is in the dark - the longer your customers are finding your competitors online.

The Nutwork Team

Our very first job as a new team was to create the largest social networking site ever in Western Australia - and we created Loconut to meet that purpose.

The team evolved and grew and now we have some of the most gifted designers, programmers and marketing people ever assembled together.

This team is ready to work for your business!

What is Loconut?

LoconutLoconut is WA’s online hub. It’s a locally owned and run website where Western Australian people, clubs & groups and businesses can communicate based on common interests.

The level of participation is up to each user – active users set up their own page (my Place) to keep in touch and share photos with family and friends or use it to make new friends (commonly known as social networking). Others prefer to browse the daily updated local content to learn, participate in discussions or just be entertained.

What makes Loconut different?

Social networking is about people actively communicating online. Some websites provide tools for friends to talk to people they already know and others are for singles who want to meet new people with the view of dating. Loconut has an interactive element where people can do either or both.

The biggest point of difference is that Loconut is based on local content so there are targeted spaces where people, clubs & groups and businesses can communicate and share these interests. It’s an active online community where people choose what they wish to participate in.

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