How to Change a Wheel Safely

You are traveling along at a good pace thinking you can make your appointment on time when unexpectedly you have a flat tire. You have to stop to change it, but there are a few tips you have to follow to make sure you are safe in performing this task. The first thing to do is stop at a place where you will be safe changing your wheel. Stop and leave the car in gear and the handbrake engaged.  Alternatively, you can also call the experts at Ozzy Tyres who can help with everything from fixing your suspension or purchasing new rims in Australia.

Any place where you are away from traffic is a good place to do it, at times it may be hard to find a space like that but then you have to keep an extra eye on caution. Open the Dickey to take out the items you need, which would include among other things a jack, the lever to operate the jack, the Stepney, Blocks of wood for the tires on the other side and a warning sign for other motorists.

Put the blocks on the tires on the other side of the flat, so they do not roll. Put the warning sign and put it behind you in a prominent position, so people see it. Remove the wheel cover if any and locks of any kind. Loosen the nuts on the flat tire, do not remove them just loosen them, so they are easy to open once you have the car jacked up.

Then take the jack and put it where it is supposed to go according to your car’s instruction manual. If you do not know or do not have the manual, then put it under the axle. You want something strong as the last thing you want is for the jack to go through something. So use your common sense, and you will be all right.

Once you have the jack in place, use it to lift the car up to the point you feel the Stepney will fit. Remove the nuts from the wheel and take it output it on the ground and take the Stepney and put it on the axle. Screw in all the nuts to fit hand tight. Then take your wheel wrench and tighten one. Go next to the opposite side of the nut you tightened, the reason being that you want to get the wheel on evenly.

Tighten all nuts accordingly, and move the wheel around to make sure you put it on the right. Then you can lower the jack and remove it. Put the flat wheel, the jack and the lever, and the wheel wrench in the boot and then go and remove the blocks from the wheels on the other side and put those in the Dickey. Finally, remove the warning sign and once you have put that in the Dickey and you are done.


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