When you engage Nutwork to design your website or plan your marketing – you’re not just getting the experience of one person – but a whole team of experts.


Alex – Managing Director, Loconut Group

After 13 years traveling the world in Senior Management roles for an ASX listed manufacturing company, Alex decided to settle down in Perth and start a web business (as you do). He has several qualifications including a Masters Degree in Business Administration from UWA, has worked with global brands including BMW, Marks & Spencer and Sunseeker and is motivated by innovation and positive thinking. As a third generation wine maker, he also enjoys a glass of red every now and then.

Favourite Website: Seabreeze Tags: Loconut, LocoTV


Adam – Director, Nutwork

Adam built his first website in the early 1990’s called a Bulletin Board System (BBS), and he has been passionately involved in the web industry ever since. After living in Europe for 4 years and working with UK and European firms and Government, he settled back down in Perth and helped form Nutwork. He is passionate about good functional design and search engine optimisation. He enjoys 4WDing and is currently training for a 4 week hiking trip to Everest Base Camp later this year.

Favourite Website: Eve Online Tags: Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design, Online Marketing, Social Networking


Sarah – Project Manager

With a background in Marketing and Business Development, Sarah has been involved in the launch and promotion of all three Loconut Group businesses – Loconut, LocoTV and Nutwork. She now project manages the design and development of Nutwork’s entire client base, ensuring your website is created on time and exactly the way you want it!

Favourite Website: Just Luscious Tags: Online Marketing, Loconut, LocoTV


Allan – Software Architect

Allan started programming on an Apple IIe when he was 12, and hasn’t looked back since. He has a PhD from Curtin University and lectured there in database systems, software engineering and various programming languages before joining the Nutwork team. He hopes to be able to set the time on his VCR one day.

Favourite Website: Ars Technica Tags: Website Development


Darrell – Graphic Artist & Web Designer

Darrell meets with every one of our clients to ensure that their web design concept is fresh, professional and exactly what the client wants. He is also especially skilled with Flash, and can whip up a flash banner, logo and a concept design that will knock your socks off. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Darrell moved to Perth in the mid 1980’s with his family. He left High School early to follow in his parents’ footsteps to pursue a career in the Royal Australian Navy as a Signalman before turning to Web Design.

Favourite Website: Darrell’s Site Tags: Web Design, Print Design, Logo Design

Steve Deane

Steve – Web Designer & Developer

Steve completed his Masters in Multimedia in 2000. The lure of travel proved too much to stay in sunny Ireland, so after a 4 year period working for the BBC in London, Steve set sail for Australia. Realising that he couldn’t sail, he booked himself on the next flight and here he is.

Favourite Website: BBC Tags: Web Design, Website Development, BBC


Super Steve – Programmer

Steve’s passion has always been computing and he is fluent in many programming languages including .Net and PHP. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Games Design from Murdoch University, and has worked as a TAFE lecturer for the last 5 years. He prides himself on his wealth of knowledge, experience in almost every area of computing and his massive collection of superman paraphernalia.

Favourite Website: Superman Tags: Website Development, Superman, Murdoch University


Candice – Accounts

Candice has only recently made the giant leap into the wide world of web, which is a welcome change from the manufacturing industries she has been used to playing a great hand in organising, for over the past 10 years. She is heavily involved in ensuring the smooth operation of the business with our clients and internal stakeholders.

Favourite Website: Peep Toe


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