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When it comes down web design – most people know it when they see it. But it means more than just the look and feel, it includes how fast the site loads and whether or not it’s going to rank very high in search engines.

Nutworks’ Top Web Design Tips

Look and Feel

You have around 20 seconds to convince someone landing on your page – to stay.

Does your design look right for your business and to your customers? Will your clients, and potential customers, find it to be an attractive and easy to use site? Would YOU feel comfortable making a purchase from the site or contacting them for more detaiils? Does it appear professional and credible or does it look a little “fishy”?

These are important questions to ask yourself when it comes down to your company’s website design. You wouldn’t let someone design a really bad business card or shop signage would you – so why risk your reputation with a poorly designed website?


We like to use the “3-click rule” – if you cant find what your looking for in 3 clicks, then it’s just too hard. We make sure that your website is simple and easy to navigate – because if it isn’t, people wont bother with it and they will go right back to Google and try the next link down.

Website Content – Content is King!

You can have the flashiest and most advanced website available today but without good content – it’s totally worthless.

Fresh and relevant content will make your website an interesting and useful tool for customers, and will have them return time and time again. Do not underestimate the importance of good content – and make sure you have planned resources for managing this (or outsourcing it).

Marketing Friendly

If you want customers to be able to find you on the web through various search tools, it is very important that your website is search engine friendly.

Your website should be optimised for search engines and also set up for the various search engine robots that trawl the internet for sites.

Not only should you focus on Search Engine Optimisation to ensure a high organic result for your site, but you need to put resources into Marketing your website post-launch to ensure you get traffic – the RIGHT kind of traffic.

Company Contact

Make sure your users can contact you, if not by phone then by email at the very least. Would you buy something from a website which had no contact details?

It’s important to have your contact details clearly visible on every page.

Browser Compatibility

With a host of different operating systems and internet browsers being used today, we will make sure your website will work on as many different browsers as possible, particularly the most popular ones such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

User Satisfaction

Ask your customers what they thought of your website through surveys and on line polls. At the end of the day, if your customer doesn’t like your website, they wont shop there again. It doesn’t matter what YOU think of it – what does your customer base think.


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