Why is Your Content Marketing Strategy Not Working?

So your business is producing new content every week and updates on a regular basis. However, you are seeing very little in terms of returns for the effort and money you are putting into producing content. Of course, it’s not uncommon to see content marketing strategies that don’t always go right. The point is not to produce content per se, but to produce the right content that directly appeal to your target audience. If you are struggling with your content strategy, see if it’s suffering from any of the below symptoms:

You Favour One Format

Have you been producing written articles all year long and nothing much else? Then this is where your plan is going wrong. While content is mainly written articles, other formats should be considered too. Web users are highly visually oriented. So, an infographic is sometimes better to convey a point than an article. Video is also another very powerful form of content that some businesses are still not utilizing properly. Video does not cost much to product unless you are shooting something live. So, diversify the formats of content you produce. Think about customers who are using handheld devices, like smartphones, who would rather watch a video. Consider these changing needs and learn to utilize other content formats as well.

It’s Not Professional

Keep in mind that every single piece of content you produce competes with possibly hundreds of other similar pieces of content. Customers are bombarded with all of these, so they are well attuned to distinguishing the good from the bad. If your content is not professional or is of high quality, it will get ignored. If this is a case, it might be best to hire a digital marketing agency Melbourne or at your local location. A professional agency will be able to produce a variety of top-notch content that your customers will simply love.

You Have No Evergreen Content

Evergreen content are things like how-to articles that have no time stamp on them. You can produce evergreen content all year around. More importantly, evergreen content can remain relevant for years to come. So the returns on the long term are many. The how-to article for buying bicycle you wrote today will not be outdated in two years’ of time. If you want to cut costs and generate good returns, think about producing evergreen content.

Content is too Generic

Don’t bother publishing generic content. It will definitely get lost in the sea of content. Instead, write focused content that is highly relevant to the times. Niche content articles garner a lot of attention, even if it may not seem to at the start. The more focused the content is, the more appealing it will be to the target audience.

Content has No Influencers

Content must be made famous online for customers to notice it. So, find influencers like popular blogs to publish your content on. Without such a push, most content will disappear into obscurity. Therefore, make sure you promote the promotional content as well.

If your business content plan has any of the above problems, immediately get them fixed as suggested to avoid worsening of the situation.


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